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LEGOLAND Windsor Miniland New Additions

I posted before about the new USA area in miniland but there are some other new additions to the display. Here they are. RUSSIA AUSTRALIA CHINA INDIA Thank you for the view. Don't forget to check out our social media profiles for more block related post. #LEGOLAND #LEGO #Miniland #Russia #Australia #China #India

LEGOLAND Windsor USA Miniland

It's good to see some new models at LEGOLAND Windsor this year. The details are great and I really like how they capture the US. The one disadvantage of this is the older sets look more faded and run down in comparison. The White House New York Time Square Empier State and Chrysler Buildings Central Park Statue of Liberty Golden Gate Bridge Welcome to Las Vegas and The Luxor Route 66 NFL Giants v Patriots and other Sports Hidden Gem Look who we found in the phone box. #LEGO #

You don't have to travel to Somerset to go to Glastonbury this year.

The talented boys and girls at Legoland Windsor have recreated the popular music and arts festival from Lego. No festival whould be complete without Lego headliners. The team have recreated Ed Sheeran, Radiohead and Foo Fighters. This Lego scene is made from around 9,900 bricks with 5,400 used to build the Pyramid Stage that stands at 50cm tall. The team made sure not to forget the details that make this festival renowned. miniature portaloos, tents, punters mud sliding and

Great McMeals Batman

Looks like the McDonald's Happy meal tie in for Lego Batman is offering half priced Lego Land tickets. See the promotional site and Terms & Conditions  here #lego #batman #McDonalds #legoland #promotion

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