LEGO Star Wars 2018 Summer  Sets Revealed

The internet is alive with new images of LEGO sets due to be out this summer. Here are the contrabutons from a Gallexy Far Far Away.... New Sandcrawler The Sandcrawler is not as large as the UCS version. • include Luke Skywalker, two Jawas, Astromech Droid, RA-7 Protocol Droid, 2-1B Surgical Droid Red Squadron X-Wing Red Squadron version and the size is similar to the current X-Wing sets ie Poes and the Rouge One version. • include two Pilots and two Astromech Droids. Supreme

New Summer Sets : Unikitty

New sets for the summer are being anounced and here are the Unikitty range. DR Fox Laboratory Party Time Prince Puppycorn Trike Unikitty Cloud Car Unikingdom Block Set #LEGO #Unikitty #Summer2018