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Here We Go

I have BAS (Block Acquisition Syndrome). It is a serious issue and one that my loving Wife says is "taking over every surface in our home". In a response to this I said to myself "Right Mike, you like plastic blocks and you like to look at models you have made...PHOTOS... take photos, build something new and move on". It is all well and good but what does one do with said photos? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? All are valid options, but the only problem there is spamming your friends and family with images constantly. Then I thought 'what about a blog site?' I have friends that also like the Itty Bitty Blocks of joy. I could share their images and even blog about bargains or products I come across. Don't get me wrong, I Love Lego! But it can be extremely expensive and on top of that even second-hand is exceptionally high. Recently with my imagination running wild and away from me I have started to look at other "Major Brand Compatible" block systems. Cue the exit of all purists! I know its not great, but when you want to build a Death Star Trench or some sort of large scale scene you just need bricks lots of bricks. A lot. Whilst looking at some of the many sources, I have found some okay bricks and some nice little models like the Wilko Brix Tanker Truck. Good quality and scale wise it is in keeping with my LEGO Routemaster bus. There we have it, Post #1 of what will be a showcase fun pictures of mine and my daughter's blocks, review of products and sharing of like-minded people's work.


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