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LEGO Pricing inflation or value?

So stumbled across this little articale this morning on by Mathew Hart. It's an interesting read about the details the 2 users of

The idea behind this is has Lego increased in price? The findings seem to suggest not. General sets and the none franchise sets seem to have stayed constant over the last decade. This is at the time of writing this £0.07 per Lego piece.

My current feeling is that as much as I would love all Lego brand blocks, it is unlikely that I can sustain the building and custom scenes and sets with just Lego. I personally don't see an issue using other branded blocks for a building projects but use Lego for the detail.

That said nice to see its been a constant. Let's see what happens once the EU negotiations happen and see if leaving the single market and trade deals has an impact on importing.

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