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Police Called to Break up Underground Rave on.... the UNDERGROUND.

This MIC is fully inspired by the great news story from last night that Police were called to break-up a “fully-fledged rave” on board a packed Tube train, featuring flashing lights, a sound system and an MC.

Here is the link to the Evening Standard.

I started with what I thought would be the hardest part. The slope into the roof of the tube car. Actually this turned out to be easier than expected.

The standard blue TFL fabric on the seats.

As it turned out the hardest bit of all was the windows. LEGO Windows are an item I definitely need to invest in. 

Here they are in. I'm not that happy with them as I couldn't find a way to get them in and flush. That said in the final images it's hardly noticeable.

So here it is one Tube train full of rush hour raving commuters. Uh oh here come the Police.

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