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DING DING all Aboard

LEGO this week announced a new London Bus (10258) set. A must for any London or Transportation fan.

Based on the old Route-master bus. This LEGO Creator Set is made of 1,686 pieces and will be available exclusively at five London LEGO Brand Stores starting July 1st. Elsewhere this set will be available from August 1st.

This set has lots of detail and is a nice looking set.

There have been many other LEGO Buses over the years.

first off was the set

(313). It was released in 1966, just a year after the wheel first appeared, and was one of the very first vehicle sets to be produced.

(384) London Bus arrived in Europe eight years later in 1973.

(10214) In 2010. This little bus crosses 10214 Tower Bridge Set.

(3300006) A promotional model was given away with qualifying purchases when the London Westfield store opened in Shepherd's Bush back in 2011.

(40220) Associated with a LEGO brand store in London is always available at the Leicester Square branch.

(10258) London Bus is by far the most detailed version of the famous Routemaster yet. As mentioned before it is made of 1686 pieces.

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