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Ninjago Minifigures feel Guide

The guys over at have put together a feel guide for the new Minifigures series. 

Well worth a look. They have published a PDF checklist too.

1. Flashback Garmadon: Since he is one of three Garmadons in this wave, he will have two torsos. To distinguish him from the other ones, feel for the 2×2 tile, hair piece, and camera.

2. Lloyd: He is the other minifigure to have a 2×2 tile. Confirm with the sword and extra hair piece.

3. Kai Kendo: For Kai,I would suggest feeling more for the two sticks, the kendo helmet, and the spiky hair piece.

4. Lloyd Garmadon: This version of Lloyd should be easy to pick out. Feel for the hoodie/hair mold, the bowl, and spoon.

5.Sushi Chef: Some of the notable parts for him are the butcher knife, two 1×1 round sushi tiles, 1×1 round brick, and the bald head piece.

6. Cole: The easiest thing for Cole is his boombox.

7. Zane: His backpack should be one of the things to feel for. Confirm with his flat hair piece.

8. Master Wu: He should be one of the easier minifigures to feel for with his large straw hat, 1x2x2 brick, and 1×2 flat tile.

9. N-POP Girl: She should be very recognizable with her pigtail hair piece, skirt, and teddy bear.

10. GPL Tech: The notable things on her are the laptop and cup.

11. Shark Army Octopus: His large octopus head mold is a great indicator. Some other things to feel for include the stud shooter, fish and 1×1 round studs.

12. Shark Army Great White: The shark head mold, fish, and flame pieces should be your go to things to feel for.

13. Shark Army General #1: You probably won’t be able to feel the cape pieces so I would suggest the slurpee cup.

14. Shark Army Ranger: Personally, I would feel for the spiked mace if you’re not good at differentiating the head molds these guys wear. You can also try for the angler fish head mold as well, mainly the part with the light in the middle.

15. Garmadon: For this version, you again have the two torsos but you should also feel for the round hat along with the top of his staff.

16. Spinjitzu Training Nya: The easiest things for her are the two swords.

17. Gong & Guitar Rocker: Another easy minifigure to find with his electric guitar and long hair.

18. Misako: She could be a fairly difficult one as she only has the handbag and hair piece with chopsticks through it.

19. Jay Walker: I would suggest feeling for the scarf and the monopod.

20. Volcano Garmadon: Again, there are two torsos for him. The large helmet along with bowl, and spoon

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