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MAY THE 4TH 20189

May the 4th is now becoming a regular celebration of all this Star Wars. As a part of this retailers offer promotions on Star Wars items. LEGO is no exception. Here are some of the offers available.  


UCS Snowspeeder 

RRR £169.99 Discount £135.99

First Order Star Destroyer

RRP £129.99 Discount £103.99

Jedi Starfighter with hyperdrive

RRP £89.99 Discount £71.99

The Arrowhead 

RRP £84.99 Discount £67.99

Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter

RRP  £74.99 Discount £59.99

Y-Wing Bomber

RRP £64.99 Discount £51.99

A-Wing Fighter

RRP £44.99 Discount £35.99


RRP £34.99 Discount £27.99


Mara Jade & Kyle Katarn

They've never appeared on film, but these Jedi Legends from the Star Wars expanded universe are well known to dedicated Star Wars fanatics. 

New Stars Wars Minifigure Accessories

Dark Side Cookies Brick "The Taste is Strong With This One" Calrissian Cruch Brick - "Free Betrayal in Every Box" Blue Milk 1x1 Brick - Features missing droids advert Akbar Angling Mag 2x2 Tile - "Its a catch" What Speeder Mag 2x2 Tile - "End of an Era" 

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