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Pick a Brick and where to buy

I was messaged by a fellow AFOL recently about were to buy indervidual bricks. For any one making a former set or looking to build MOCs (My Own Creation).

Here are just a few of the places to look when trying to buy specific parts. 


Brick link is a community site of like minded LEGO fans. Ultimately these are inderviduals that run a business selling LEGO parts sometimes you can fund a bargin but its a little hit and miss in my opinion.


Toy Pro is an EU bassed retailer that has a vast range of LEGO sets and Minifigures. In addition to this they have a brick picking and buying service.

Mobile site

Desktop site

Brick Pick


And ofcouse there is the LEGO Group themselves. This is a good starting point but it is not always fully stocked. This is the best place to start and then shop about. 

Mobile Site

Desktop Site

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