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The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigures (71023) Individual Character Images

A few days ago, images started to surface giving us our first look at The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures (71023) UK retailer Argos , we now have official images and names of the individual characters in the set. 

The minifigures will be available starting in February. 

Which one(s) are you looking forward to the most? 

Awesome Remix Emmet 

Battle-Ready Lucy 

Apocalypse Benny 

Vest Friend Rex 


Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield 

Gone Golfin’ President Business 

Apocalypseburg Abe 

Dorothy Gale & Toto 

Tin Man 


Cowardly Lion 

Giraffe Guy 

Watermelon Dude 

Crayon Girl 

Kitty Pop 

Candy Rapper 

Flashback Lucy 

Hula Lula 

The Swamp Creature 

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