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The Carousel Keeps Turning, You Can't Get Off

Today LEGO has announced a new Creator Expert set, 10257 Carousel. The 2,670 piece is due for a June releases and looks to be around the £200 price tag as is listed at $199.99 USD. This set is the latest instalment to the popular LEGO Creator category. I have heard talk that the Assembly Square set may go soon as it was an anniversary item and I hope that this is not it's replacement. The new Carousel has five animals around its platform with a hand crank to spin the set. Som


The thing that I love about the LEGO CREATOR series is the level of detail. The fact that there are often instructions for 3 different models from one set is good too. This set was fun to make and didn't take long at all. In fact 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is the back of the box that demonstrates the different possibility of the build. One nice idea is that the instructions are in 3 different books. Here are all the sets blocks in 5 different bags. This version of the set ha

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