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The thing that I love about the LEGO CREATOR series is the level of detail. The fact that there are often instructions for 3 different models from one set is good too.

This set was fun to make and didn't take long at all. In fact 1 hour and 10 minutes.

This is the back of the box that demonstrates the

different possibility of the build.

One nice idea is that the instructions are in 3 different books.

Here are all the sets blocks in 5 different bags.

This version of the set has a male adult and a female child for the minifigure configuration.

Below is a photo gallery of the build. I decided that this one may be a little full on to do as a stop-motion or time-laps video. Who knows I may do one for the other versions of this.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog the detail in the CREATOR series is excellent.

The moulding around the top of the roof and is so clever and very effective. Also the shaped brickwork around the 1st floor windows works so well.

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