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The Short News, A Short Review

This week I picked up The Short News book. This book has been out for some time now but was on my list. 

For those of you that don't know The Short News is a  website and  Instagram  account the recreates silly news in LEGO.

I have enjoyed the feed for a long time and the book doesn't disappoint. 

Product description From the creator of The Short News website comes a hilarious new book of original photographs that uses toy bricks to explore offbeat and lighthearted news stories. Complete with 70 original images, each of the photos is humorously captioned and comes with a brief summary of the news story that inspired it. You’ve never seen the news like this before. The Short News is a must have for fans of toy bricks, and anyone who enjoys strange but true news stories. It’s a weird world out there, so let’s look at the fun side of the news! About the Author Sean Romero is a lawyer working for the Government in Victoria, Australia. By night, Sean uses toy bricks to make the news fun and accessible with The Short News, which he founded in 2014. Sean is a long-time reader, first-time writer, currently in the process of developing a TV script, podcast and YouTube program. Although Sean is a full-grown man, he still needs daily reminders from his very patient wife to clean up his bricks. 

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