LEGO Movie 2 Happy Meal in coming

McDonald's have added a new image to there Happy Meal  site reveling the a LEGO Movie 2 range is in coming next month. This is unlikely to be LEGO but a selection of collectables like character cups. Here is what the first films happy meal looked like. #LEGO #McDonalds #HappyMeal #LEGOMOVIE2

High Street Sets. Phones, Food and Coffee

Hi so this post is about some of the sets that I bought to help build a bit of an Urban/City scene. This sets were all bought from a seller on Funday Toys. I've had some mixed experiences with Some orders not for filled, Some taking over a month and other with slight defects. That said there is a reasonable and effective returns and complaints process. This sets are all what I would call LEGO Compatible sets. They are not LEGO or "Knock offs" of

Great McMeals Batman

Looks like the McDonald's Happy meal tie in for Lego Batman is offering half priced Lego Land tickets. See the promotional site and Terms & Conditions  here #lego #batman #McDonalds #legoland #promotion