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High Street Sets. Phones, Food and Coffee

Hi so this post is about some of the sets that I bought to help build a bit of an Urban/City scene.

This sets were all bought from a seller on Funday Toys. I've had some mixed experiences with Some orders not for filled, Some taking over a month and other with slight defects. That said there is a reasonable and effective returns and complaints process.

This sets are all what I would call LEGO Compatible sets. They are not LEGO or "Knock offs" of LEGO sets but the blocks are compatible.

I liked the commercial and well know high street look of this sets. Much like the LEGO compatible they are quite clearly main stream businesses.


This is a great little phone shop. I really like the shelving on this set and little mobile phone boxes on the glass shelves. One issue with this set was a missing door frame.

CORNER COFFEE (Starbucks) £6.83

Okay "Corner Coffee. This is so clearly Starbucks. The detail behind the counter is good. Also all the little logos around the set and on the coffee cups are great and such a nice little touch.

SWEET SHOP (Dunkin Doughnut) £6.83

Again with the little coffee cup on the logo this is clearly Dunkin or a close likeness. The shelves of "sweets" are a nice detail but a simple little set.

BURGER SHOP (McDonalds) £6.83

"Look...Ma....its McDowell's" Who am I trying to kid. this set is clearly McDonalds. It even as its own Ronald McDonald.

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