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It's been a long time coming. My BRIXO backers kit came. I went for the Mad Scientist Kit. I'm looking forward to having a play and making a few models come to life. More pics to follow and videos. #BRIXO #LEGOCompatible


Well I finely have a Tracking Number for my Brixo set. The has been a long and frustrating wait for backers and investors of the project on both kickstarter and indiegogo. There has been lots of negativity about the project due to the delays and constant shifting of timescales. Let's see how this plays out and I look forward to reviewing and posting about the items. #Brixo #legocompatible

IttyBitty Creatures

These Major Brand Compatible (LEGO) sets are a bargain at £1 each.

Brixo ahoy...

Gil Taran of the Brixo kickstarter project has released an update. Shipping of the backers just has started and are aparently state side

High Street Sets. Phones, Food and Coffee

Hi so this post is about some of the sets that I bought to help build a bit of an Urban/City scene. This sets were all bought from a seller on Funday Toys. I've had some mixed experiences with Some orders not for filled, Some taking over a month and other with slight defects. That said there is a reasonable and effective returns and complaints process. This sets are all what I would call LEGO Compatible sets. They are not LEGO or "Knock offs" of

Hey Siri... make me an Apple.

Just tried bought a few sets from a Hong Kong retailer. The seller is Fun Time on This is a non Lego set and is not a copy of any set of theirs. I like this one and there are not to follow. This one is of an Apple store. When ordering you have to option of Boxed or unboxed. I went for the unboxed. The bricks on the set are a good quality. Unfortunately I was missing one piece. There should have been 3 of the door/window frames. I took the 2 I had for the windo

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