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Brixo ahoy...

Gil Taran of the Brixo kickstarter project has released an update.

Shipping of the backers just has started and are aparently state side.

Gil says "Kits have been sent to Chicago and are awaiting clearance from U.S. customs, then they're onto warehouse stocking and fulfillment." To stoped the process up Brixo have been shopping from the China production site to the USA via air to speed up the process. Gil also mentions in the update about some added items in the backers just, "As an added bonus--beyond what we've given each of you already--each kit also includes a pair of crocodile clip cables for debugging purposes, and a small Philips head screwdriver to open and close the battery case. Each kit also contains a user manual with basic instructions, operating guidelines and model building suggestions."

Gil has hinted that while the production has been happening they have been creating two apps to accompany the sets. One for controlling and programming your BRIXO creations, and another to provide you with more model building instructions.

I'm really glad I backed this project and I look foword to getting my hands on it.

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