It's been a long time coming. My BRIXO backers kit came. I went for the Mad Scientist Kit. I'm looking forward to having a play and making a few models come to life. More pics to follow and videos. #BRIXO #LEGOCompatible


Well I finely have a Tracking Number for my Brixo set. The has been a long and frustrating wait for backers and investors of the project on both kickstarter and indiegogo. There has been lots of negativity about the project due to the delays and constant shifting of timescales. Let's see how this plays out and I look forward to reviewing and posting about the items. #Brixo #legocompatible

Brixo ahoy...

Gil Taran of the Brixo kickstarter project has released an update. Shipping of the backers just has started and are aparently state side

Live long and Brixo

I'm so looking forward to my order from Brixo to ship in March. Brixo is a great idea for a Lego compatible block system that allows you to build circuits and add LEDs, Motors and switches. Today Brixo were listed on the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Blog. #Brixo #Lego #QEPE #QueenElizabeth

Lights, Motors, Action

I have this weekend contributed the the Brixo crowd funding project. They have met the target and currently have a discount on funding packages. Brixo is a very clever idea of using a 9v battery block and chrome finished blocks that act as conductors. Once a circuit is made you can add lights, motors and switches into the circuit. I'm not 100% sure how this will work but it also has Bluetooth connectivity with ITTT Brixo is compatible with Lego and other like blocks and will