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Lights, Motors, Action

I have this weekend contributed the the Brixo crowd funding project. They have met the target and currently have a discount on funding packages.

Brixo is a very clever idea of using a 9v battery block and chrome finished blocks that act as conductors. Once a circuit is made you can add lights, motors and switches into the circuit. I'm not 100% sure how this will work but it also has Bluetooth connectivity with ITTT

Brixo is compatible with Lego and other like blocks and will bring a pit of life to your models.

The set that I have ordered is the "Mad Scientists Kit" which is apparently due for shipping in March and consists of the following

243 parts total. The Mad Scientist Kit contribution is normally $399 but at the time that I contributed was 60% off making it $159.I really hope this product is as good as it looks and I can't wait to give a review on it.

Here are a few links.

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