MAY 2nd Star Wars LEGO Discount

Today's discounted LEGO Star Wars Set is ... The LEGO Rebel Trooper Battlepack. Currently the set is selling at for £7.99 instead of its £11.99 RRP I have this set. The speeder Bike is really good. The Gun nest is currently being used by the empire on top of the Town Hall MOC I'm making. Main Points about this set are - Includes four Rebel Trooper minifigures Features a speederbike with stud blaster storage clips and space for a minifigure, plus a trench section with

Pa-pow Pa-pow LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

This little set was nice and easy to build. The little speeder bike is cool and a nice selection of rebel soldiers to help boost their numbers. I seem to have a lot of stormtroopers. The gun position as mentioned in my YouTube video below is likely to get dismantled and used for parts. #Rebel #LegoStarWars #Lego

Cut the chatter, Red 2. Accelerate to attack speed. (MOC Y-Wing Bomber)

X-Wing, A-Wing ah all wings. I have got some great ideas floating around in that big empty space I call a brain. You may have noticed lately that I bought a Lego Star Wars A-Wing. Of course that's just the start, you need X-Wing, Y-Wing maybe even a B-Wing. I have been eyeing up the new Y-Wing set. I decided to have a go at making my own. I had recently bought the WilkoBlox Airport Set that gave me loads of handy parts so I started to build the cockpit section. I was really p

Lego A-Wing (75003)

So the other day a little impulse purchase happend a Lego A-Wing. I like some of the maintenance equipment and crew. One of the swaying reasons for this purchase the inclusion of Lando Calrissian. In actual fact the three included minifigures are all good and useful for future scenes and models. I used it as an opportunity to make a little video, test and editing package and do a timelapse build. Here is the YouTube link A-Wing build #Lego #LegoStarWars #StarWars #Rebel #Star