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Cut the chatter, Red 2. Accelerate to attack speed. (MOC Y-Wing Bomber)

X-Wing, A-Wing ah all wings. I have got some great ideas floating around in that big empty space I call a brain.

You may have noticed lately that I bought a Lego Star Wars A-Wing. Of course that's just the start, you need X-Wing, Y-Wing maybe even a B-Wing. I have been eyeing up the new Y-Wing set. I decided to have a go at making my own.

I had recently bought the WilkoBlox Airport Set that gave me loads of handy parts so I started to build the cockpit section.

I was really pleased with this as a start. Unfortunately it needed more detail on the neck of the craft not to mention an astromech droid area.

I was really not happy with the engines this was just me messing around with ideas and they had to go.

Version 2 was a step in the right direction but still not great. The engines streamlined a little and an astromech droid positioned right behind the pilot. This was definitely a step in the right direction.

The neck was a little longer and the connections to the engines bigger giving better separation.

I still liked this but thought it could be better. With version 3 I hollowed out the neck of the craft and extended it slightly. This meant the droid could be positioned lower down and moved back to accommodate the sloping back of the cockpit.

The engines and neck detail were improved and addition of retractable landing gear added. Ah also the added claw coming out from the droid was a nice touch.

Here is a video I did talking about this build.

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