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Nothing has changed... Well a few things.

So as some of you may be aware during the last few months we took the theme of the UK elections to a galaxy far far away.

I had the idea as I had seen something similar during the US Elections.

The first of our images was just after the election was anounced. Here we have Lord Vader announcing his snap election.

I started making some political posters and leaflets for the 3 parties. EMPIRE , JEDI and the GPDI (galactic party of droid incision)

Using a selection of smooth flats to make signs, posters and flyers worked really well.

During the campaign I took inspiration from news stories like the fox hunting ban and made my own Star Wars take on it.

Mel (Instagram name Big Yellow Sky) is a friend who is also a Lego fan and photographer. She took some photos for me to help build a series to encourage people to vote.

Here are a few examples. Where Mel gave me the images and I used a typography tool to add the text.

You can see the rest of this set on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

During the campaign I made a few other silly posts like

"Vader looks to buy votes with ice cream"

I really liked th it one. The scene is simple and detailed.

The Imperial poster on the wall and Vote for Vader sticker are fun. I like the little Jedi nod with the rebel trooper holding the Obi Wan leaflet behind his back.

Other posts and sets were the Imperial Petting Zoo, the Park and Door to Door Knocking.

This election was not just a two horse race there was a third party. The Galactic Droid Equality and Inclusion Party this their candidate C-3PO.

Hope you like this project and check out our Instagram for more from this and other events.

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