A Little Place to Call Your Own

This  Etsy  seller offers you the chance to own you very own home again.....in Lego. Shari Austrian offers the choice of external or internal builds. She prices these at the following. Externals £1090 Internal £1816 #LEGO #Moc #Etsy #ShariAustrian #shop #home

Brick Live 2017

So after the final day of Brick Live London 2017 it's time to review. The show and let you lovely LEGO friends what was on and give you a glimpse into the show. Hopefully the show will run in 2018 too. Arrival The Excel is very well connected to Central London with the DLR stopping near by, that said the Emirates Cable Car across the river stops less than 10 minutes walk from the exhibition centre. As a treat for my little girl we got the tube to North Greenwich and the cable

Nothing has changed... Well a few things.

So as some of you may be aware during the last few months we took the theme of the UK elections to a galaxy far far away. I had the idea as I had seen something similar during the US Elections. The first of our images was just after the election was anounced. Here we have Lord Vader announcing his snap election. I started making some political posters and leaflets for the 3 parties. EMPIRE , JEDI and the GPDI (galactic party of droid incision) Using a selection of smooth flat

Park Life

To add an image to my Galactic Election theme at the moment I wanted to use the Rocket Boy Mini-figure form series 17 as a newspaper seller.

This is friking amazing...only I didn't say friking.

The guys and girls over at The Brick Show have an article up about this amazing Guardians of the Galaxy Milano MOC. This impressive 3000 piece creation is somthing to be admierd. Read more about it here at The Brick Show #lego #marvel #moc #Milano #guardiansoftheGalaxy #vol2

Campaign Posters

So I have started to make my own decals for some of the MOCs I'm building. My current theme is inspired by the upcoming UK elections. For this I decided to make a number of campaign posters and leaflets for the 3 made up parties. The Parties are The Sith Party - Vote for Vader The Jedi Party - Vote for Obi Wan The Droid Liberation Party - C-3P0 To print the decals I ordered some clear film sticker sheets from Amazon.co.uk. These sheets are Inkjet compatible and easy to use wi

Police Called to Break up Underground Rave on.... the UNDERGROUND.

This MIC is fully inspired by the great news story from last night that Police were called to break-up a “fully-fledged rave” on board a packed Tube train, featuring flashing lights, a sound system and an MC. Here is the link to the Evening Standard. I started with what I thought would be the hardest part. The slope into the roof of the tube car. Actually this turned out to be easier than expected. The standard blue TFL fabric on the seats. As it turned out the hardest bit of


There is a lot of love in the world today and even Batman finds some time out to have some 1 to 1 time with his love. No, I'm not talking about Babs, Gordon or Selina Kyle. I mean come on who doesn't like a nice warm Steak Bake? Those who know my alter ego know I have a connection the to food-on-the-go chain GREGGS. I thought I wanted to go in a none Star Wars direction for my next MOC. Why not a high street or a shop? I started first with the fascia sign. It was quite a stru