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Campaign Posters

So I have started to make my own decals for some of the MOCs I'm building.

My current theme is inspired by the upcoming UK elections. For this I decided to make a number of campaign posters and leaflets for the 3 made up parties.

The Parties are

  • The Sith Party - Vote for Vader

  • The Jedi Party - Vote for Obi Wan

  • The Droid Liberation Party - C-3P0

To print the decals I ordered some clear film sticker sheets from These sheets are Inkjet compatible and easy to use with clear instructions for the set up of most major brand printers included.

Here are the decals coming out of the printer the backing is white but when pealed off the adhesive sheet is clear.

Below is one of the final images from a MOC. I'm really happy with the way this look and will be doing a lot more of this in future

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