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There is a lot of love in the world today and even Batman finds some time out to have some 1 to 1 time with his love. No, I'm not talking about Babs, Gordon or Selina Kyle. I mean come on who doesn't like a nice warm Steak Bake?

Those who know my alter ego know I have a connection the to food-on-the-go chain GREGGS. I thought I wanted to go in a none Star Wars direction for my next MOC. Why not a high street or a shop?

I started first with the fascia sign. It was quite a struggle to find the right parts to make the letters but I got there in the end. I don't really like the R. I was following a letter guide in an advanced techniques document that I found online. In this guide it suggested using the same shape for A & R. Other than that, I'm happy with this.

The logo was simple to build. As you can see, 4 orange blocks surrounded by blue. Some of the blocks I had to use protrude onto the back, so I decided to build a second skin to hide some of this.

Now that I had the sign built, I was able to extend slightly and this gave me the shop front dimensions. I put the windows in and then started to construct the sides of the shop.

This is loosely based on my local Greggs branch. In fact my wife recognised it straight away with one comment "the toilet is in the wrong place!"

This is true, the toilet is on the shop right hand side, when in reality it's on the left in the corner.

Moving inside, I wanted to make sure there was some detail. On the left hand side there is a seating area. This consists of 1 bench and 3 chairs.

I made the counter as accurate as possible. Unfortunately the clear screens I have didn't give me much space to play with.

That said, I'm really happy with the layout and the prep bench (for sandwich making) behind the counter. There is a coffee machine, a heat lamp for all those yummy bacon rolls and an oven.

There are two other additional items to this one: the previously mentioned toilet and the second the fridge in the corner of the shop well stocked with all the favourite Lego drinks.

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a GREGGS without a trademark line out the door.

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