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Brick Live 2017

So after the final day of Brick Live London 2017 it's time to review. The show and let you lovely LEGO friends what was on and give you a glimpse into the show. Hopefully the show will run in 2018 too.


The Excel is very well connected to Central London with the DLR stopping near by, that said the Emirates Cable Car across the river stops less than 10 minutes walk from the exhibition centre. As a treat for my little girl we got the tube to North Greenwich and the cable car over the river.

When we got into the centre it was busy due to another event on in one of the other Halls.

The staff on the entrance were friendly enough but the information given was a little vague. They took tickets off us and then told to "go over there to get bands and stamps". In actual fact this was not entrance bands just lost child bands. The idea is good but a member of staff there controlling the chaos would have helped.

The stamps were given on exit points if you wanted to exit for food or toilet facilities.

LEGO Kingdoms by Bright Bricks

Bright Bricks are the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional building company. At Brick Live they displayed some of their great Fantasy and Medieval LEGO models

LEGO Brick Pits

Dotted around the hall were Green, Red, Black & Yellow brick pits. With the exception of the Black & Yellow pit these were big soft play outer walls with the inside filled only with 2X4 bricks.

My Daughter surprised me with her ability here. She made her versions of a dragon and pyramid and did really well.

LEGO Architecture

LEGO Architecture area was tables full of white bricks. Here people had been making buildings and statues.

It at this point my Daughter thought it would be good to build "A Head". Thanks child of mine thanks.

So we had a go not the best model I've made.

FAN Zone

Well kind of says it all in the name. Fan zone was where builders and MOC designers showcase their work. Here there were builds from modified LEGO sets to elaborate Space Stations.

One set on display was a current LEGO Ideas campaign Andy's Room .

The medieval castle battle was impressive and must have taken years to build. The detail is outstanding.

I tend to have a fondness for things Sci-fi and this Space Station build captured my attention. I loved the little rooms all having their own role in the station and the Classic Space Minifigures going about their business.

Here are some of the other images.

Brick Lane

No not where you buy curry or bagels. This was the section of the show for trade people to sell their goods. Some of these I knew before and had bought from.

Firestar had a vast selection of their Minifigures, accessories and custom printed items. In the past I have bought mobile phones, passports and food items. While at the show I picked up the Brick Lane sign, London Tube Map and a METRO newspaper.

These guys and girls have a great selection of custom minifigures and items. I have been looking at one specific set on and off and after seeing it here I had to buy it. As mentioned be for I am a fan of Sci-fi and Firefly is one that I love to watch. Seeing the set of 9 characters here I had to buy them (at a show discounted price).

My Daughter also bought some Pokemon from these guys.

Red Square are a custom frame builders. They make frames to hold complete sets of minifigures. They sell 3 main types lines with figs, without or custom.well worth checking out and I think I will get a few.

WB Games

There was a range of games consoles and screens available for fans old and young. These titles were the likes of LEGO Ninjago Movie, LEGO Dimensions and LEGO City Undercover.

Multiplay a events and ESports company provided the A/V services for this event along with the games areas and the team did a good job with lots of hands on time available.

Round Up

This event was great fun and I really hope over the next few years it grows and gets bigger. It had something for the Kids and for the Adults too. I had a great day out with my little girl and recommend Brick Live to Adult fans and Parents of little fans.

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