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LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75244)

As part of LEGO's ongoing celebration marking 20 years of the LEGO Star Wars license they are releasing a new Tantive IV set. This new version is made of 1768 pieces and will retail in the UK for £179.99 (regional prices may vary) Minifigures included Bail Organa, Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, C-3PO and a Rebel Fleet Trooper, plus an R2-D2 droid LEGO figure. Leia comes with both a dress and legs. This set also had 2 detachable escape pods. The set is due to be available fr

LEGO Star Wars 2018 Summer  Sets Revealed

The internet is alive with new images of LEGO sets due to be out this summer. Here are the contrabutons from a Gallexy Far Far Away.... New Sandcrawler The Sandcrawler is not as large as the UCS version. • include Luke Skywalker, two Jawas, Astromech Droid, RA-7 Protocol Droid, 2-1B Surgical Droid Red Squadron X-Wing Red Squadron version and the size is similar to the current X-Wing sets ie Poes and the Rouge One version. • include two Pilots and two Astromech Droids. Supreme

LEGO Star Wars Ahch-To Island Training

Picked this up on a discount in Asda on discount. The two best parts of this set are old Luke and the Porg. Here is a link to my  YouTube  video of the build. #LEGO #StarWars #LEGOStarWars

MAY THE 4TH 20189

May the 4th is now becoming a regular celebration of all this Star Wars. As a part of this retailers offer promotions on Star Wars items. LEGO is no exception. Here are some of the offers available. LEGO STORE - UCS Snowspeeder RRR £169.99 Discount £135.99 First Order Star Destroyer RRP £129.99 Discount £103.99 Jedi Starfighter with hyperdrive RRP £89.99 Discount £71.99 The Arrowhead RRP £84.99 Discount £67.99 Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter RRP  £74.99 Discount £59.99 Y-Wing

You remember me? FN-2187?

LEGO America reveal from out of left field that we didn’t expect to see today. Over on Shop@Home, a couple of new LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz have been revealed. The first is Finn in Storm Trooper armor. The second is Captain Phasma. These two sets also have the “exclusive” tile that was first seen in The LEGO Ninjago Movie BrickHeadz. Both sets are due to be available starting on November 1 for £9.99 each. #LEGO #BrickHeads #StarWars #News

LEAKED: LEGO Star Wars - Last Jedi Sets.

Someone has been naughty. Star Wars: The Last Jedi LEGO sets that will be available later this year have been leaked The latest collection of leaked images show a variety of LEGO sets This batch of images comes courtesy Reddit (hat tip Star Wars News Net) and has 22 images in all. Viewers can see the packaging, as well as the sets fully assembled out of the box.  Already seen online are the Resistance bomber. First Order heavy assault walker. First Order Star Destroyer. The

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

Okay maybe not just girls boys too but this title comes from my imagination that this Twil'ik is singing that song while laying on the front of a tank. This set was bought for me by one of my bestest buddies (Thanks BT). This set is the LEGO Star Republic Fighter Tank (75182) What I found intresting about this set is it is mostly made up by layers of flat 1×? and 2×? bricks. I was really impressed by thi little tank. The set comes with 2× Instructions 1× Sticker Sheet 2× Bags

Nothing has changed... Well a few things.

So as some of you may be aware during the last few months we took the theme of the UK elections to a galaxy far far away. I had the idea as I had seen something similar during the US Elections. The first of our images was just after the election was anounced. Here we have Lord Vader announcing his snap election. I started making some political posters and leaflets for the 3 parties. EMPIRE , JEDI and the GPDI (galactic party of droid incision) Using a selection of smooth flat

Old Luke out and about.

The Russian portal for has given our first look at Old Luke Skywalker THIS may have been a mistake but it has give us a look at the yet released minifigure. The image seems to be part of the 40th anniversary celebrations. It's yet unknown what set Luke will be in but this is the first sight of the figure. #Lego #luke #Oldluke #starwars

Park Life

To add an image to my Galactic Election theme at the moment I wanted to use the Rocket Boy Mini-figure form series 17 as a newspaper seller.

From Sketch to Block

Hear is an interesting little insight by CNBC to the process LEGO go through to create new LEGO sets. This is more specifically the franchise partner models and in this case Ray's speeder. LINK TO CNBC #LEGO #StarWars #Ray #speeder #CNBC

MAY 4th Star Wars Discount

May the 4th be with you... Happy international Star Wars day all. So today's 40% Discount is a big one. The Millennium Falcon. Yep that's right the set has a RRP of £139.99 on the LEGO store site but for today till the early evening this set is discounted to a kessel run smashing £83.99. Check it out here at the LEGO Store This set is great and so much fun to build. It is the pride of my collection and one day I have big plans for it. Here are a few more details about it. Inc

MAY 3rd Star Wars Discount

Today's discounted LEGO Star Wars Set is ... The LEGO Luke's Landspeeder. Currently the set is selling at  for £11.99 instead of its £19.99 RRP I recently bought this set for some of my upcoming posts. Here is a LINK  to my stopmotion build. Includes four minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, C-3PO and a Tusken Raider, plus a womp rat figure. Features an opening trunk, two-minifigure open cockpit and three-engine design. Weapons include Ben’s blue Lightsaber and t

MAY 2nd Star Wars LEGO Discount

Today's discounted LEGO Star Wars Set is ... The LEGO Rebel Trooper Battlepack. Currently the set is selling at for £7.99 instead of its £11.99 RRP I have this set. The speeder Bike is really good. The Gun nest is currently being used by the empire on top of the Town Hall MOC I'm making. Main Points about this set are - Includes four Rebel Trooper minifigures Features a speederbike with stud blaster storage clips and space for a minifigure, plus a trench section with

MAY 1st Star Wars LEGO Discount

Today's discounted LEGO Star Wars Set is ... The LEGO AT-ST. Currently the set is selling at for £26.99 instead of its £44.99 RRP This set is a really nice and has been sat on my living room shelf since November. Main Points about this set are - Includes 3 minifigures: an AT-ST Driver, Baze Malbus with his heavy blaster and a Rebel Trooper Features posable legs, wheel-activated turning top section, opening cockpit and top hatch, detailed minifigure interior, dual spr

"Bounty Hunters... we don't need that scum"  I do

Dutch site Sinqel seem to have got what they state are Officially images of the LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack. Along side the small blue speeder the set containes Dengar, Bossk, IG-88 and 4-LOM. I personally have wanted these little guys in my minifigis in my collection for some tim and glad this set is coming out. The set is 122 pieces and around the £15 point with a release date of June. Just in time for my birthday. #lego #starwars #BountyHunters

Youngling Builder

Little family get together today. This is my nephew building a Microfighter Y-wing. This little man is 4 years old and needs little to no help following the instructions. One day he will be a master builder. #Lego #Legostarwars #starwars

Wana Be in My Gang, My Gang....

Just a little post here. I've set up an Ittybittyblocks Club on the Xbox Platform. Come and join it and share your content, creations and other Lego game tips and hints. #Xbox #Lego #LegoWorlds #starwars


The Sunhas published this artical today about some of the most expensive Lego sets about. The UC (ultimate collectors) Millenium Falcon from 2007 is a worth a whopping £3,800 –Original RRP – £342.49 That's a major investment. Make sure you name it on that contents insurance #lego #thesun #starwars #gold

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