Guten Morgen.........Berlin

So you know me no international visit to a capital city would not be complete without a visit to their LEGO store. This store is up with Leicester Square. The outside dosnt look like much but inside is amazing. The LEGO Berlin wall. Very detailed Brandenburg Gate. LEGO over the years. #LEGO #Berlin #LEGOStore

Arrrrrr...... You Scurvy VIPs

Over the last month we have seen lots of images and info about the up and coming Pirates of the Caribbean sets. As of the 17th of March Lego VIPs can order the set in advance of general release. This large set looks very detailed and fun. Included in the set there are a respectable 8 Minifigures. Along with these sorry looking fellows. You can add it to your cart Here #legostore #lego #Disney #PiratesoftheCaribbean #VIP

Viva La Revolution

The other day we posted some pictures of the London Leicester Square Lego store. While in Paris I stumbled upon the French capitals store by pure chance. Below are some of the images from the Paris store. The detail is amazing and they have some great displays. THE ARCH DE TRIUMPH Notra Dame Apologies for the florescent light reflection. I haven't censored this. R2D2 Digital Mosaic In the Leicester Square store lego have a mosaic maker it's a clever idea but very expensive. P

Minifigures on a Mini-Break

No no not like that, not a Ross and Rachel "we were on a break...". Mini Mike and Mini Ruth on a little trip to Paris. An early start to the day means coffee before the train was needed very much. Awww the Eiffel tower is so romantic at night all lit up. Just don't be there on the top of the hour guys, well unless your into raving. The hotel had a lovely comfortable bed. Best nights sleep in a long time. We also noticed an interesting sign in the distance from our balconie. C

London calling....this is London calling.

Today is my wife's birthday and despite us going to London for a show she still gave us some time in our busy schedule to go and visit the London Leicester Squar Store. I love this store, not quite what I was expecting the largest Store to look like. It didn't feel as big as you would expect but as my wife points out as it's across 2 floors there is more space to mingle about. The builds in the store are great and the detail is amazing. Here are a few pics of what's in store.