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Minifigures on a Mini-Break

No no not like that, not a Ross and Rachel "we were on a break...". Mini Mike and Mini Ruth on a little trip to Paris. 

An early start to the day means coffee before the train was needed very much. 

Awww the Eiffel tower is so romantic at night all lit up. Just don't be there on the top of the hour guys, well unless your into raving. 

The hotel had a lovely comfortable bed. Best nights sleep in a long time. 

We also noticed an interesting sign in the distance from our balconie.

Can you see it? No... Okay well here is a close up.

I only managed to see 2 on our trip bit apparently this is a WB promotion around Paris for the Lego Batman Movie.

There was a little excitement at breakfast. The Mini-us seem to really like this jam.

The breakfast was amazing and Mini-me and I were a little to Keen on the bread, cheese and meats. To the point a little someone was not well.

It was just one thing after another with Mini-me. Whilst trying to get some water he got stuck in the fridge. 

Finally we all sat down and worked out the rest of the day.

Some more serious than others I might add.

Finally we got out of the hotel. To see some sights. 1st stop was the The Louvre. I love the juxtaposition between old and new. 

After the love we took a short walk over to Notre-Dame. The line to get in was so... long we decided to not go in bit the out side looks spectacular in its own right. 

No trip to a capital city would complete without a trip to the local Lego Store to round it off. 

Thanks and see you soon

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