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Stay on Target


This is my first trench MOC (My Own Creation).

For a first attempt I'm reasonably happy. My only issue with the modle is the lack of cannons. I really could not work out a good design at this scale. If anyone has a build suggestion that would be amazing.

Over on the left I've added an Y-Wing blowing up.

So previously I posted about the WilkoBlox Castle. I have to mention at this point that the majority of the structure is built using these blocks. The fighters are Lego.

The X-Wing is a is a great designe however is a little fragile on the wings due to the need to be thin.

I can't fault the Tie Fighters as they are a perfect build and size. Strong and stable.

Darts Vaders Tie Fighter has one designe issue the handels to claw connection to the body can sometimes be a little loose.and the side drop.

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