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The More You Put in the More You Get Out

So true of so many things. This was one of the many motivational sentences that came out of the fitness instructor recording theup coming Sky Sports Fit in 5. 

I have just spent the last 2 days working with a great crew and enjoyed the day job this week. 

The set it's self is really well made and a pleasure to work with. Made by talented inderviduals it is superb. The brick work has been individually hand painted. 

Unfortunately I don't have the quality of bricks in the desired shad so have had to make some... style changes.

Here is the start of the studio set. As you can see I had to use plain grey blocks as aposed to brick work.

Here I started to add a bit of detail. The bike hanging on the wall and the items scattered around. 

This show was shot using 5 cameras one of which was on a camera crane. I wanted to do my best to recreate this as best as I could.

This is Rachel (AKA Ray-ray) she is a very talented operator and a bouncy happy person to work with her happiness runs of onto everyone.

Here are a few more images of the set displaying the detail.

Hope you have enjoyed this little MOC i jave put together. 

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