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Imperial Outpost THX-1138

After having fun with the Imperial Cargo Hub I started to look at other scene to build. Most of these ideas have been Star Wars related but I have some no Star Wars builds in mind. Funny how even work can be an inspiration.

I think most of us have seen the Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen sketch. It is made even better with Lego stop-motion. If you have not seen it I strongly recommend.

So Mr Izzard has a good point there must have been all manor of mundane and normal tasks being performed around the Death Star. This thought led me to build my outpost.

I was thinking about what would be needed in an Imperial outpost. I know I wanted a kitchen/Canteen but what else would the Empire need. I decided that I wanted to have a locker room. Stormtroopers must have shifts right? some sort of Imperial Working Directive... This in mind I started to construct this floor.

The uprights for the Stackable base plates had hollow backs to them and worked perfectly as the lockers in the changing room. If you look to the ceiling at the back on the left and right there are 2 showers. Stormtroopers must get a bit pongy after 12 hours in that armor. Below are a few more detailed picks of this room. I really like some of the detail in this room. The blaster rack, the uniform being put away and our angry trooper who realized he is baled.

Next up was the Canteen with a few little cameos from other franchises. Milhouse Van Houten on the till and Mr Freeze helping out in the cold room. A few people have asked about the Millhouse appearance in the out post. The answer to this is simple "LIFE Choices". If he had not spent so much time mucking around with Bart then things may have turned out better. After all a job is a job.

The timing of this outpost is pre Episode IV maybe even pre Rouge One. Darth Vader has been told about the Tantive IV knocking about and some suspicious movements by it and the so called diplomat. He stops of at THX-1138 to have a meeting with Imperial staff and Boba Fett to brief them.

Of course there needs to be a Command center too this is on the top floor of the outpost. Due to the nature of the work in here there is an armed presence in here along with the three Command Crew. The commanding officer is stood behind a desk very similar in design to that of Detention Block AA on the Death Star. this must have been installed by the same contractors.

Outside the main building there are a few other tasks being performed by staff and droids. Some routine checks, repair jobs and the capture of a rear white Wookie.

This Astromech Droid getting instructions on the upgrading task from the AT-ST Pilot. and the support crew checking over the leg joints.

I have had a thought in the past about the Trade Federation Battledroids and how after the overthrowing of the Jedi there would be 100s of these units still around. We know that Empire, Rebels and Farmers alike have a fondness for clearing droids memory units. It would follow that the Battledroids would be reprogrammed to be non combat units and re-purposed. That is why at THX-1138 there is a Battledroid working on the power systems.

I hope you like my work on this model and please subscribe to IttyBittyBlocks to get updates on new content.


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