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WilkoBlox Airport

As I have mentioned many times before I'm not a complete Lego purist. If it looks like Lego, sounds like Lego and works with Lego it has a place in my world.

Right that brings us back to the WilkoBlox not the greatest clone/Lego compatible brick set but it works with Lego well and is a fraction of of the price.

Buying sets like the WilkoBlox Airport is a good way to bolster your brick selection in a cost effective way.

Okay so first of was the Air Traffic control. Found this a bit flimsy in design and some of the design choices were interesting. Namely the some of the supports used 1x1 transparent blue blocks and others were built from 1x1 flats. It was a pain sticking all of this together and making sure they were lined up.

The little orange buggy I didn't see much point in in this set but dose give me some colourful parts to use.

The little oil truck is a nice little model and will probably get incorporated into other scenes.

The airplane it's self is really nice and a sturdy build. I did have a little difficulty putting the roof on top but it soon went together.

All in all happy with this purchase and was fun building. Has now been dismantled and added to my block supplies.

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