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So I did it, I dropped hints, kept dragging my wife and daughter to look at Assembly Square in the LEGO stores but I finally bought it. I have been looking at this set for months.

It is a truly amazing set. Over 4000+ parts and so much detail. Some of the detail in this set has given me inspiration for other images and work.

This Blog has images of all the bag numbered stages as well as a little video at the end.


Here is a picture of the set arriving from LEGO.

LEGO's Packaging is really good and there was no damage to the item at all despite the delivery contractors attempts. I strongly advise that you do complain when there are issues the delivery company have not said much about it but I did get a call from LEGO Customer Service that are just Great. I had a call from them not the normal email. the lady was very nice and was very grateful for the feedback about there contractors service. I like most of us have a LEGO VIP card and as an apology the deposited a some additional points.


as mentioned before this set is big, really big, you just wont believe how..... sorry went down a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy road there.

This set has 6 sages to the build and each stage has at least 3 bags of parts often more.

Stage 1

This stage looks so simple. It's just the ground floor nothing else. Well look at the detail of the tile work around and all the flat gray parts. This was a deceptive step.

Stage 2

Stage 2 was fun to build. During this build some of the detail this set offers start to show. To name just a few the little oven in the bakery, the wedding cake in the window and the windows themselves.

This stage also sees the first details of the back staircase.

Stage 3

This stage of the build is the coffee shop. A lot of detail on the outside of the unit not as much on the inside but still very cool. It dose have a few nice touches that you can see in the next pictures.

The Coffee Machine behind the counter is so very simple however really effective.

There is not much detail on this back of the left hand side of this set but the plant life is good to brake it all up a bit.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is where things get really good. The build is long and complex due to all the 2x1 Flats and the 1x1 Roof. that need to be placed around the Dentists to build the brickwork.

Inside this stage is really good. I love the old style photographer and the Dentists chair. Those of you that have watched the video about this set we made will notice I referenced a Batman project that I plan to use this in. If it all goes well this will be a stopmotion animation.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is another good stage. The two areas that this stage builds are the Music Studio and the Dance Studio. Both have their charms and I again have ideas for Instagram posts and and videos involving these rooms.

The Music Studio doesn't have that much detail in the sound desk (something I may need to improve on) however what it lacks in Tech it makes up in instruments. I can see my Daughter and Friends from Hartlake City coming to visit.

Love the Piano in the little Dance Studio. Its a very effective item. The mirror in the studio reflects really well and is a solid piece. I slots in and the has 2x1 flats with lips that hold it in place. Dose anyone else see pink tutus.

Stage 6

Its the final count down..... So stage 6 the last set of bags. This stage in the build sees you making a Flat/Apartment (Bedsit). Along with that there is an out door BBQ area.

The Flat is great a little small... no wait cosy yes its a nice cosy accommodation. The toilet is excellent. Water in the bowl and a wooden seat. The sofa is also clever is it folds out to be a bed too. I'm not surprised this minifig is living in a small property. look at all the LEGO she has. There is a rocket in the window, a train set and down by the door a boxed Assembly Square.

This is the outdoor BBQ area. Um it has a BBQ...and a dead plant.... What else can I say.

So there we have it Assembly Square. A great and fun set to build that for any AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) that will inspire more creativity.

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