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LEGO FreindsHot Chocolate Van

My daughter got this set for Christmas this year. She built it by herself and had little to no assistance from me. 

She found the details of the drinks machine, sink and the milk carton with added cow on it entertaining and fun.

While watching her build this set I couldn't help but think it was missing a few little parts in the design. As soon as she finished the build my daughter turned to me and said.

"Dad I think it would be better if the had put 2 of the 2 bit blocks in. You know the smooth flat one."

This was exactly what I thought the cup on top of the van feels a little unfinished and as my daughter says 2 2×1 smooth flat blocks would have finished this off.

My daughter also asked if she could try and make an animation of this set. Short but here it is follow the YouTube Link

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