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LEGO Break silence on the Saturn V Set

The Saturn V set has been in demand ever since it released a little over a month ago. Fans have been worried that they will not be able to get hold of it. LEGO have now released this stament It has been over a month since the official launch of the LEGO® Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set and the overwhelming popularity of the iconic rocket has unfortunately meant that some LEGO fans have not yet been able to purchase their set or have had to wait longer than they had hoped


It is a truly amazing set. Over 4000+ parts and so much detail. Some of the detail in this set has given me inspiration for other images and

I'm still here

Hi all I know it's been a bit slow lately. I'm still here work, family and others commitments have had me tied up. For those of you who follow my Instagram and Facebook page you will notice that part of this is that I'm mid build on Assembly Square. This set is amazing and I love the details the design team have put into it. Once done I plan on a post, a video and loads of other ideas have started to flood in. In other news not much has happened over the last few days in the

Ninjago Minifigures feel Guide

The guys over at have put together a feel guide for the new Minifigures series. Well worth a look. They have published a PDF checklist too. 1. Flashback Garmadon: Since he is one of three Garmadons in this wave, he will have two torsos. To distinguish him from the other ones, feel for the 2×2 tile, hair piece, and camera. 2. Lloyd: He is the other minifigure to have a 2×2 tile. Confirm with the sword and extra hair piece. 3. Kai Kendo: For Kai,I would suggest

DING DING all Aboard

Based on the old Route-master bus. This LEGO Creator Set  is made of 1,686 pieces

AI that I need in my life

Who has boxes of LEGO, LEGO upon LEGO of all shapes sizes and colour. Yes me too. I have for a long time wanted to get around to sorting my LEGO into size and colour but its such a big job. Well this AFOL decided he needed some help so tasked a machine to do the work. Original Artificial on #LEGO #AI #Sorting

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

Okay maybe not just girls boys too but this title comes from my imagination that this Twil'ik is singing that song while laying on the front of a tank. This set was bought for me by one of my bestest buddies (Thanks BT). This set is the LEGO Star Republic Fighter Tank (75182) What I found intresting about this set is it is mostly made up by layers of flat 1×? and 2×? bricks. I was really impressed by thi little tank. The set comes with 2× Instructions 1× Sticker Sheet 2× Bags

Second batch of New Ninjago Minifigures due for release.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is getting its own run of Minifigures like other Lego Movies. Yesterday the first ten of this wave were revealed today the second batch. The minifigures that are in in this batch include: N-POP Girl Lloyd Flashback Garmadon Garmadon Zane Cole Shark Army Ranger Shark Army Octopus GPL Tech Kai Kendo #Lego #Ninjago #Minifigures #polybags

New Ninjago Movie Minifigures Series

Today LEGO have revealed some of the new Ninjago Movie Mini figures. Here are ten they have showen. Volcano Garmadon Misako Spinjitzu Training Nya Master Wu Jay Walker Shark Army General #1 Sushi Chef Lloyd Garmadon Gong & Guitar Rocker Shark Army Great White The rest of the minifigures in this particular wave will be revealed tomorrow. #LEGO #Ninjago #Minifigures

You don't have to travel to Somerset to go to Glastonbury this year.

The talented boys and girls at Legoland Windsor have recreated the popular music and arts festival from Lego. No festival whould be complete without Lego headliners. The team have recreated Ed Sheeran, Radiohead and Foo Fighters. This Lego scene is made from around 9,900 bricks with 5,400 used to build the Pyramid Stage that stands at 50cm tall. The team made sure not to forget the details that make this festival renowned. miniature portaloos, tents, punters mud sliding and

Nothing has changed... Well a few things.

So as some of you may be aware during the last few months we took the theme of the UK elections to a galaxy far far away. I had the idea as I had seen something similar during the US Elections. The first of our images was just after the election was anounced. Here we have Lord Vader announcing his snap election. I started making some political posters and leaflets for the 3 parties. EMPIRE , JEDI and the GPDI (galactic party of droid incision) Using a selection of smooth flat

Laugh or Cry I can't Decide

I really can't decide if I like this video or not. One side of me finds this video satisfying seeing all the pieces smash apart and scatter. On the other side it makes me feel like screaming No..... and making a 😱 face at the horror of the sight. LEGO Porsche Crash Test Have a look your self and let me know your thoughts. #Lego #Porsche #crashtest

Old Luke out and about.

The Russian portal for has given our first look at Old Luke Skywalker THIS may have been a mistake but it has give us a look at the yet released minifigure. The image seems to be part of the 40th anniversary celebrations. It's yet unknown what set Luke will be in but this is the first sight of the figure. #Lego #luke #Oldluke #starwars

Park Life

To add an image to my Galactic Election theme at the moment I wanted to use the Rocket Boy Mini-figure form series 17 as a newspaper seller.

This is friking amazing...only I didn't say friking.

The guys and girls over at The Brick Show have an article up about this amazing Guardians of the Galaxy Milano MOC. This impressive 3000 piece creation is somthing to be admierd. Read more about it here at The Brick Show #lego #marvel #moc #Milano #guardiansoftheGalaxy #vol2

Sainsbury's LEGO Create the World Collectable Cards

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's are running a LEGO traiding card promotion. These cards packs of cards are free with the following criteri. Superstores Spend £10* and get a pack of 4 cards for free Convenient Stores Spend £5* and get a pack of 2 cards for free *£150 maximum spend. You can also pick up a collector's book for £2. Here is a link to Sainsbury's SITE #LEGO #Traidingcards #Sainsburys

From Sketch to Block

Hear is an interesting little insight by CNBC to the process LEGO go through to create new LEGO sets. This is more specifically the franchise partner models and in this case Ray's speeder. LINK TO CNBC #LEGO #StarWars #Ray #speeder #CNBC

LEGO, Nintendo and Pie

I have just stumbled across this little gem on another Lego site. If you have a raspberry pi and like LEGO then this is right up your street. This set is a Nintendo NES case to place your raspberry pi into. You can purchase this from The price is £29.61 VAT incl. RaspberryPi RaspiPC #LEGO #RaspberryPi #Nintendo #NES

Revenge of the 6th

This set didn't look like much on first glance but is full of detail.

The Discounts Keep Coming

The LEGO Star Wars discounts continue. Today's offering is K-2SO. This set has an RRP of £19.99 but today it is discounted 40% to £11.99. I've never purchased these sets I can see why some may but they have never really interested me. That said 40% off is a cracking discount. Buildable and highly posable K-2SO figure features single/double-arm-swinging battle function, tough-looking decorated head and armor elements, and an extra-tall frame. Activate the single/doubl

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