Cut the chatter, Red 2. Accelerate to attack speed. (MOC Y-Wing Bomber)

X-Wing, A-Wing ah all wings. I have got some great ideas floating around in that big empty space I call a brain. You may have noticed lately that I bought a Lego Star Wars A-Wing. Of course that's just the start, you need X-Wing, Y-Wing maybe even a B-Wing. I have been eyeing up the new Y-Wing set. I decided to have a go at making my own. I had recently bought the WilkoBlox Airport Set that gave me loads of handy parts so I started to build the cockpit section. I was really p

Lego A-Wing (75003)

So the other day a little impulse purchase happend a Lego A-Wing. I like some of the maintenance equipment and crew. One of the swaying reasons for this purchase the inclusion of Lando Calrissian. In actual fact the three included minifigures are all good and useful for future scenes and models. I used it as an opportunity to make a little video, test and editing package and do a timelapse build. Here is the YouTube link A-Wing build #Lego #LegoStarWars #StarWars #Rebel #Star

Imperial Outpost THX-1138

After having fun with the Imperial Cargo Hub I started to look at other scene to build. Most of these ideas have been Star Wars related but I have some no Star Wars builds in mind. Funny how even work can be an inspiration. I think most of us have seen the Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen sketch. It is made even better with Lego stop-motion. If you have not seen it I strongly recommend. So Mr Izzard has a good point there must have been all manor of mundane and normal tasks be

LEGO Pricing inflation or value?

So stumbled across this little articale this morning on by Mathew Hart. It's an interesting read about the details the 2 users of The idea behind this is has Lego increased in price? The findings seem to suggest not. General sets and the none franchise sets seem to have stayed constant over the last decade. This is at the time of writing this £0.07 per Lego piece. My current feeling is that as much as I would love all Lego brand blocks, it is unlikel

Here We Go

I have BAS (Block Acquisition Syndrome). It is a serious issue and one that my loving Wife says is "taking over every surface in our home". In a response to this I said to myself "Right Mike, you like plastic blocks and you like to look at models you have made...PHOTOS... take photos, build something new and move on". It is all well and good but what does one do with said photos? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? All are valid options, but the only problem there is spamming y